Mindfulness Training | > 10min

Episode 2 – Finding Stillness

How often do you get to take a moment and find stillness?

In this episode, we explore the topic of mindfulness and its importance in self-care for healthcare professionals.

Clare Cable is joined by Stephanie Wilson who shares valuable insights into the practice of mindfulness and how it can help prevent burnout.

Key Takeaways

Mindfulness is a practice that helps us observe what is happening in the present moment without judgment. By stepping back from automatic thinking patterns, we can gain awareness and prevent getting caught up in our thoughts.

Stephanie explains that mindfulness involves becoming an observer of our thinking mind and noticing how our thoughts impact our emotions. Through practice, we can learn to watch our thoughts without judgment or attachment.

Contrary to popular belief, mindfulness does not require emptying the mind of thoughts. Instead, it involves observing thoughts as they arise and letting them go more easily by naming them.

The internal anatomy of mindfulness includes observing thinking patterns, recognizing emotions without trying to fix them, being aware of bodily sensations, and identifying reactive behaviors. These practices help us gain insight and take better care of ourselves.

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